About Calum Lott

Raised in Noosa Heads, Australia, Calum Lott became obsessed early on with creating worlds and stories as a means to escape from the often mundane world. Whether that was maniacally scribbling out a tale about pirates and ninjas on blank a4 paper, daydreaming on long drives about clouds being sentient life forms watching over us, or thinking about a futuristic civilisation whilst moving rocks that were made for machines to move, not scrawny young adults most probably hallucinating in the brutal summer heat.








He first found creative congruity in the animated movie Titan A.E, the novel Fahrenheit 451, and the video game Bloodborne, but it was Lord of the Rings that stood out above all the rest. When he finally read the books after already having watched the movies a dozen times, he set out to keep the spirit of Professor Tolkien alive and create a world of equal depth and epicness. Thus, he began working on shaping the galaxy of Valsollas, a place for all his tales to call home. 

After a half-baked attempt at a first draft was stolen out of a van whilst travelling, along with all of his possessions, he decided it was for the best and to go even deeper in shaping the history and depth of Valsollas. Then, after a second attempt at this first novel, which was to be a trilogy to rival the epicness of LOTR, he decided to take another step back to hone his writing skills in something smaller. So, a Dirge For Cascius was born. A duology in this vast galactic setting that takes inspiration from Hyperion, True Detective, the video game Disco Elysium and, as always, Lord of the Rings.     

With the dream of becoming a full-time author – the only thing he has ever found true pleasure in, Calum is releasing his debut novel “A Dirge For Cascius PT.I” mid 2024. Until then, you’ll find him playing guitar, gaming, reading, watching movies, annoying his beautiful girlfriend or sitting at his laptop writing stories whilst getting a sore arse.







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