ABHORRENT LUUG — A sapient species that is believed to be extinct. Known for their immense, jellyfish-like forms and floods of smaller mindless slaves, the Luug were a formidable enemy in the Cold War but were ultimately defeated. 

ACCENSI — A branch of roles in the Velutra of Valsollas. Includes every opus, yet chiefly refers to military and diplomatic roles. 

ACCIPERIVON — A gravity-manipulating device. They use an alierquell-infused reactor sealed in a sphere of plasma and an element known as zauill to harvest negativlon from the cosmos. Acciperivon engines are also used for coscrafts to traverse the Cos Realm. 

ALIERQUELL — A highly concentrated liquid fuel that the zareiths used as their lifeblood. It is now a chief ingredient in creating cryluns and many other facets of Velutran technology and society. When fused, alierquell and crylierquell form the cryluss element. 

ANCIERN SHELL — Shells that wash up on the shore of the Sastril Sea of the moon Astril. Discarded from the anciern species.

ARBITER — One of the Velutran Blessings. A powerful intelligence and technology that enters a person’s mind to see all their memories and emotions, and specifically searches for the crime they have allegedly committed. 

ARBITER PORT — A physical port to the Arbiter’s mind where those refusing mindsnare or needing to be proved guilty are brought. 


ARCEM WORLD — Planets with the heaviest populations or those that hold greater significance in the Velutra of Valsollas. 

ARNORATH COVENANT — A collection of independent worlds formed into Houses that have succeeded from the Velutra of Valsollas but remain surrounded by its territory. They are known for their ruthlessness and rapidly advancing technology. 

ASCENSION — The act of ascending into the higher dimension that is the Cos Realm. 

ASSIMILATION — The process of copying one’s mind and uploading it into Nierxus, thus permanently abandoning life in the waking world. Physical bodies are destroyed and can never return. 

ASZUFUL — A liquid energy source which powers Zenlian zielthralls. Very similar to the Velutra’s alierquell, though more corrosive and destructive. 


BADGE — A scrutineer’s tool for authenticity and identity. Commonly appear as a projection of their eyes. Can be scanned by any Velutran citizen to discern its authenticity. 


BEACON — Immense cities that endlessly travel the void, although they always remain close to a star to stave off Malnetha. 


BIOCOSGENESIST — The art of gene altering or splicing. Most techniques have been forbidden because the alterations grew out of control, although basic practices still endure in the Velutra for curing any natural or mutating diseases. However, the effects of these years still heavily linger throughout Velutran society. 


BIOSIGNIA A non-physical fingerprint. The release waste of Costhrall that is constantly leaking from beings such as humans and illuavans. Those not naturally born of Costhrall produce artificial biosignias.


BLACK HEART— Pure black spheres of mass littered throughout the cosmos. They are spawned by Chaos in the waking world, through which all its foul energy and influence pours into the waking world. Nothing can escape its pull once something passes its border. They are said to lead into the Void Realm, where Chaos dwells. 


BLACK MURK — An artificial version of Malnetha that solely infects coavlens. Dispersed in an organic-machine vapour form. 


BLEEDING RUIN — A Scourgeband formed on Astril. They are led by a mysterious figure known only as Alcior. 


BLESSING — These are the most powerful non-sapient artificial minds that aid in the function of the Velutra. There are five: Persilmist, Warden, Nomismorl, Arbiter, and Sieve.

BORDER DEFENDER — Large cities that are positioned on the borders of Valsollas’ territory in the voids. They serve as waypoints and safe havens for explorers who venture outside Valsollas and to detect anomalies, enemy movements and threats. 


BONDED Anyone who has sworn the Undying Bond. 


BURIED MEMORY — Memories, either true or false, that have been implanted into one’s mind, either willingly or unwillingly. If done poorly, they can deteriorate over time, fading away or losing control, taking over other aspects of the host’s mind. 


CAOSI — A curse word derived from the Velutra’s disdain and neverending battle against the influence of Chaos. 


CARRIAGE Small crafts powered by acciperivons. They are not capable of ascending to the Cos Realm and are fashioned uniquely to the individual world. 


CHAMELEON — An appearance-altering device. Takes the shape of a thin band placed around a user’s neck, which contains specially designed cryluns that latch onto the user’s skin at spread-out points and then send out projections between to cover their body in pre-configured identities or invisibility. They are illegal in the Velutra, save for espionage done by the Mastovari. 


CHAOS — One-half of the energy believed to be responsible for creating the cosmos, shaping it and filling it with lifethe other being Costhrall. Chaos resides in the Void Realm, through which its influence seeps into the waking world through Black Hearts. Although the existence of its influence has been confirmed, whether it has intelligence or is some kind of deity is still a mystery. 


CHRONICLER — An opus that serves beside their appointed Light Lord, providing them with counsel and history specific to the planet. 


CLOAK COLLECTOR Those who steal corpus keys for a living. 


CLOAK POOL Collections of stolen Velutran corpus keys. Used inside netherux’s to enter the Nexus through a shielded identity.


CLOT — Droned coscrafts with the sole purpose of harvesting mass amounts of negativlon and entrapping enemy crafts within its field so that they cannot ascend. 


COAVLEN Artificial beings with the mingled minds of humans and illuavans, with fragments of the zareith and feyzaran essence. Their forms are wholly made of cryluns and powered by a cryluss core. Coavlens can only venture to the waking world from their home of Norella by finding an Undying Bond with a Velutran and, once done, can never return. Children of the feyzarans.


COLD WAR — A ruinous war against the Abhorrent Luug. Began in 3329, and ended in 5835, the Age of Unity (the Velutra is currently in 2689 of The Third Age – Age of Fortitude) The Cold War in an allied victory (humans, illuavans, and zareiths) with the Luug’s believed extinction. 


COLUMELLAN A place where those found guilty of a crime are sent for rehabilitation. 


COLLIGO — A manufactured compound that significantly enhances the user’s conscious mind, allowing it to enter heightened altered states—specifically, one of the harmony states. Can be injected, consumed, or inhaled. 


CORPUS — A minute device embedded within the nape beneath the brain of a human or illuavan, usually right after birth. Used for elaspeech communication, accessing the Nexus, controlling cryluns, weapons, coscrafts, and many other functions. Widely recognised as the most essential technology in the Velutra, but almost a part of their biology. 


CORPUS KEY — A unique pattern or key within one’s corpus. They are created by mapping one’s brain and, as such, are unique. They are a corpus user’s identity, means of contact and access to the Nexus. 


CORRUTHZAR — Opus responsible for rooting out corruption and Malnetha. They are partnered with non-sapient artificial beings embedded with protocols that cannot be easily deceived. 


COSBORN — A term used to describe a sapient being naturally born in the cosmos by Costhrall’s energy. 


COSCRAFT — Name for Velutran crafts that venture across the galaxy by ascending to the Cos Realm. 


COSLESS — A slur that some cosborn use against those not born of Costhrall. Mainly used for the coavlens, though also applies to the warlifs and sultaoss.


COSLIGHT — Term for when the parent star is shining upon a planet. Derived from Costhrall being the source of all energy in the universe, yet mainly manifesting in stars. When in the void, the light from a star is called starlight. 


COS MARKER — A signature detectable by the Warden all across the Velutra. It appears when a coscraft descends from the Cos Realm. Each registered craft has its own unique signature. 


COSMANDER — Commanders of the immense Velutran coscrafts known as Viwarcans. 


COSMOGLASS — A trinket that displays Cosmoscian belief in the universe. 


COSMOSCIAN — One who believes that both Costhrall and Chaos created the universe. Costhrall’s energy has the simple objective of creating life, whilst Chaos taints everything with decay and disorder. The primary belief system in the Velutra of Valsollas. 

COSRIASTUN — One who believes that there is a higher power beyond Chaos and Costhrall, one that has sundered itself, sending forth these two parts of itself to create this world.


COSTHRALL — The energy responsible for all life in the cosmos. Costhrall is found in sand, trees, humans, stars and everything. The illuavan species call it Illuava. 


COSTURE—When a being’s Elan Vital is broken from its physical container and returns to the Cos Realm, a specific signature, known as Costure, is detectable. It can only be identified upon death and it eventually fades. 


COS REALM — A higher dimension within which resides all Costhralll’s pure energy. Velutrans use their coscrafts to ascend to this dimension and travel the vast distances of their galaxy whilst suffering minimal time dilation. When a Velutran enters this dimension, they suffer intense hallucinations, but the effects of this realm also heal their Elan Vitals. One cannot stay here indefinitely, and many coscrafts become forever lost. Elaspeech and communication between corpuses are still possible whilst Ascended. 


CRADLE — An artificial womb that a child is grown or fostered inside. 


CRARKUAN — A slur against illuavans who do not possess nuallans: their tendril-like reproductive limbs and are incapable of breeding. 


CRUSHER — An opus within the Velutran Accensi whose task is to use massive fleets of coscrafts to dominate a Black Heart, crushing it out of existence and ending Chaos influence.  


CRYBLADE — A weapon formed of cryluns from one’s tarmin and cryluss core. They can be manipulated into almost any shape the user demands. Cryspear, cryhammer, cryknife, etc. 


CRYGUN & CRYBLAST — A small mass of cryluns summoned into a handheld gun or other similar projectile-type weaponry, rifle, or cannon. Names follow specific types of weapons: cryrifle, crycannon, etc. They fire heavily concentrated clumps of cryluns, known as cryblasts. 


CRYLIERQUELL — A crystalline element created by the zareiths. It can be manipulated into and survive the four fundamental states of matter and all other intermediate states of matter. A key ingredient in forming the cryluss element. Upon telling the zareiths of this creation, Mizaya Nazareth said, “Stare deep into a pure crylierquell crystal, and you shall see the cosmos incarnate dancing before your eyes.”


CRYLUN — Vastly minute organic machines. When dormant in a user’s tarmin, they are incredibly smaller compared to when they are birthed into the world and grow to their full size of 0.1 centimetres. A single crylun appears almost like a symmetrical butterfly insect, yet completely crystallised and held together by an elongated black cylinder. Cryluns are the Velutra’s chief source of weaponry, defence and utility. They are completely integrated into almost every part of Velutran society. Masses of cryluns can become crystalas, cryblades, or anything the user desires. These machines are used for clothing most Velutrans. There are different varieties and strengths of cryluns for civilians as opposed to warriors. 


CRYLUSS — A transmutable element merged from crylierquell and alierquell. Generates immense energy.


CRYLUSS CORE — A mass of cryluss within a specific device used to power all of one’s cryluns, lumenshield and other technology available through a tarmin. Inside walls are lined and filled with cryluss. Can be used externally to significantly amplify the effects of weapons or defence.


CRYROBE — A small mass of weak cryluns used to suit one’s appearance on command. These are Velutrans everyday clothes and are not the same as a crystala. 


CRYPLATE — This is a defence of cryluns in between the level of a crystala and cryrobe. Used for lower branches of the Accensi who do not require or have not earned the full strength of a crystala. 


CRYSTALA — A fluid set of transparent armour composed of a mass of cryluns. A crystala is generally invisible unless made distinctly by the user or if they are attacked. They can be used to change the exterior of one’s physical appearance, albeit not as perfectly as a chameleon can, and can be detached from the user’s body as one larger mistral to attack or defend against an opponent or move things. Can also be used to propel the user in flight. 


CRYLUN VAT — A vat within which cryluns are born. Ryluns are released in the vat and then merge with the cryluss element to form a crylun.


DEADSHELL — A projection of one who is dead, either with cryluns or directly into the mind. They are programmed from one’s memories to be how they were before death, yet they are static minds and cannot change. They fall under the command of the one who summoned them. They can also be set free to wander the Velutra, but they cannot join any opus. 

DESCENDED — The act of descending from the higher dimension of the Cos Realm back into the physical waking world. 


DIELTHRALL — An unknown compound found in the Deliquesced murder victims of the Red Hand. 


DOMELLIANA — The homeworld of the illuavan species. Located in the Ka-Yermis canton. 


DREADMIND — Those who have lost their minds to Malnetha. Slaves to the voice of Chaos and the Enlightened. They are the central ‘citizens’ of the Zenlian Empire. They take on any cursed form that their mad imaginations can conjure. 


DUALIS — An ability that allows one to fragment their consciousness into multiple simultaneous realities. The natural standard limit is four different states of consciousness for humans and six for illuavans. One cannot be in Dualis whilst ascended in the Cos Realm. 


DYAD — Term for a pair of scrutineers. 


EATERY — A place where Velutrans go to eat proper meals. Eateries have many different levels, some being far more prestigious with their delicacies, whilst others service the everyday needs of citizens. 


ECHELON — Ranking system for scrutineers. Echelon 22 is the highest for humans. Echelon 42 is highest for illuavans as they live longer. Illuavan scrutineers after 42 are known as revered scrutineers. 


EIVENEN — A compound that will give the consumer all the nutrients their body requires for sustenance for up to three days. One can live indefinitely off eivenen injections. 


ELADROWSE — A mind-altering inoculant that gives the user an overwhelming feeling of relaxation amidst a dreamy haze. Numbs all physical and mental worries. Hallucinations can occur. 


THE ELAN VITAL — For the Velutrans, the Elan Vital is the thing inside their entire being, making them who they are. In ancient human times, it was known as the ‘Will’, ‘Soul’, or ‘Spirit.’ When one dies, the Elan Vital is believed to return to the Cos Realm—back into Costhrall’s endless energy. The Elan Vital itself does not reside in the physical universe. It is in a higher dimension but linked and anchored to the individual object in the physical universe. The Elan Vital is different to Costhrall’s energy though embedded separately within. The three aspects of an Elan Vital are the subconscious, the conscious and the perseverance.


ELANERVE — An inoculant that greatly emboldens the Elan Vital with courage and resolve whilst reducing anxieties. 


ELASHIELD — A compound injected into the body that creates a dimensional shield around one’s Elan Vital from Coshtrall’s healing effects whilst ascended in the Cos Realm. Illegal in the Velutra. 


ELASPEECH — Instant communication through one’s corpus using entanglement no matter the distance. Minutes of speech or thoughts can be instantly received and fully comprehended by the receiver’s mind. Entire stories or years of history can be instantly shared in full detail. Despite this, most Velutrans still prefer the speed of a regular verbal conversation. 


ELSEWHERE VAULT — External memory vaults that are used as an extra layer of protection to physically store important memories and information. 


ENDURING HERALD — The ten leaders of each Enduring Canton within the Velutra of Valsollas. They only answer to the Sages and often directly issue commands to the Light Lords of individual worlds. 


ENLIGHTENMENT — A state of consciousness achieved by those infected with Malnetha, allowing them to have some control over their mad urges. However, they are still enslaved to Chaos and cannot be cured. 


ENTANGLEMENT — The phenomenon of sub-atomic particles and how they can be linked or changed despite the distance. Generally refers to communication in the Velutra, specifically the projecting one’s form into the other’s mind as though they were there—can also take the form of a crylun projection. The corpus, which is attached to one’s brain, can fool both users into being able to feel the touch of the other despite not being there. Elaspeech also uses the entanglement phenomenon. 


FEYZARA — A powerful artificial mind created by Macheel Nazareith. A great power in the Cold War, zai eventually split zais mind into the eight feyzarans, thus ending zais single consciousness. 


FEYZARAN — Eight immense artificial minds, each representing specific traits. They move between their artificial homeworld of Norella and the waking world, where they aid in Velutran conflicts. Their forms are made of cryluns, just like their coavlen children, but are often the size of multiple Viwarcans. Creators of the coavlens. Children of Feyzara. 


GRAVITY SHEATH — An acciperivon engine can create moveable bubbles or sheaths of controlled gravity. Used for moving Velutran lifts in towers or around a city via a volantemira. Sheaths have a limited distance from the acciperivon engine before they break apart. 


HARD PORT — Physical entry points into a digital network that cannot be accessed otherwise. 


HARMONIES — Five different heightened states of consciousness that a scrutineer can achieve through the use of colligo. It is impossible to be simultaneously within all five harmonious states, though most can be paired with others. 

Perception: Perceive everything in the world in greater detail. Senses enhanced. 

Intuertion: Blends instinct and intuition. 

Compartion: Momentary freedom from the Elan Vital. 

Expansion: Expands the processing power of one’s brain. 

Prioception: Allows one to deeply connect with their own body. 


HEALING SPHERE — Literal spheres that are deployed in emergencies to heal the injured, quell fires, stop hostiles, etc. They are powered by acciperivon engines.


HOLLOWMIND — Non-sapient artificial programs that Velutrans delegate to operate personal coscrafts. Can have tailored personalities to suit the owner of the coscraft. 


HORTULANIST — An opus of caring for trees, usually within a city. 


HORXANIST — An opus of studying, experimenting, creating and growing all types of flora species. 


ILLUAVA — The term for what illuavans refer to as the energy responsible for all life in the cosmos. Known as Costhrall by the human species. 


ILLUASAVA & COSTHASAVA — An opus with the Velutran Accensi, whose task it is to sing of Illuava and Costhrall for all to hear. They sing hope into the Elan Vitals of all Velutrans. 


INDEX — A folder of digital information inside the Nexus. 


INFILSALA — A type of particle weapon developed in the Arnorath Covenant that can bypass a crystala’s defence and pass through its cryluns. Its true power lies in the specific engineering and programming of the particles, which possess supreme destabilising powers that can temporarily disable both a tarmin. Cannot be used to control a corpus, although often used to destroy them. 


INOCULANT — Mind-altering compounds of countless variations and effects. Some examples are colligo used by the scrutineers, and elanerve to calm fears.


INTERCIPERE — Soundproofing devices that emit opposing signals around specific forms to block unfriendly ears who may be listening in. 


INTUERTION — One of the harmony states that blends instinct and intuition to highlight one’s inner instincts. 


KALS GASIREI — Massive tree-shaped towers in which Velutrans live, though they are mostly illuavan habitats. 


KRESHKULT — Illuavan name for Chaos. 


KRESH — Illuavan curse word. The equivalent of the human curse, caosi. 


LATCHING — The act of connecting two crystalas so that the leading one can direct the latched. The latched does not need to do anything, as latching essentially gives the leader control over their crystala. 


LAYNAMA — An artificial program that resides in the Nexus, whose purpose is to match scrutineers’ personalities in dyads to toil together most efficiently. Laynama is not one of the Blessings, nor does it have sapience. Citizens also use it to find suitable life partners or friendships, though most prefer not to use this program. 


LECRUTIAN — Sect of warriors in the Velutran Accensi known for their military prowess and use of the latest experimental weapons and technology.


LIGHTFIRE — A weapon developed by Cascius Carcyde to counter Zikirin’s signature voidfire. 


LIGHT LORD — The ten leaders of a Velutran Enclave or Arcem World. 


LIFE EATER WARHEAD — A Zenlian corruption of a Velutran Star Fuse Warhead. Instead of wielding the power of a star, these warheads use a void-type energy akin to the power of a Black Heart, erasing everything caught within its black sphere. 


LOCALES — Specific locations in the non-physical space of the Nexus. 


LOFEMIL TREE — A species of tree native to the moon Astril. 


LUMENSHIELD — An energy shield spawned from a tarmin, usually in a complete sphere shape around the user. They can be manipulated into smaller direct shields attached from the forearm or positioned a short distance away. They can also be combined with the lumenshields of other users to form larger and stronger shields. Once the shield has reached its maximum absorption, it will break and won’t be able to respawn for another sixty seconds.


MALTHEZUUL — The territory of the Zenlian Empire.


MALNETHA — Also known as the Mind Rot. A non-physical disease that infects the non-physical Elan Vital. Causes corruption, madness and decay. Malnetha is the product of Chaos’ influence, which seeps into the waking world from Black Hearts and the void between the stars. Velutrans infected with Malnetha in early stages can be cured, yet once fully rooted, there is no cure save death.  


MASTOVARI — An opus of espionage within the Velutran Accensi. Mastovari agents report only to the Enduring Heralds and Sages.


MEMORY WELL/MIND VAULT — A place inside one’s corpus that stores specific memories that the host does not want access to in their conscious mind but does not want to forget. 


MIND MAP — A place inside a scrutineer’s mind that acts as a place to store collected information of a relevant investigation and correlate it. Every scrutineer can tailor their Mind Map to their preferences, yet most visualise this place as a simple three-dimensional room. 


MIND ABYSS — Programs that infect a netherux and, when triggered, destroy the digital contents inside, including minds that are linked to the netherux and become trapped. There is no safety tether like when a scrutineer uses mindsnare. 


MINDSNARE — A scrutineer’s ability to enter one’s mind by connecting to their corpus and thoroughly searching it. The mindsnared host is unable to hide memories and emotions, yet they must first accept the scrutineer’s request of having their mind searched. 


MISTRAL — A mass of cryluns moving under a user’s command when separated from a crystala. It appears like a misty, starry cloud, and its colour is dependent on the user and use. 


MUTAGENACYST — An opus which specialises in organic compounds and biology, specifically on the microscopic and quantum universe. 


NEBULA — A small handheld device for breathing in compounds.


NECROPCYST — An opus which discerns the cause of death of all deceased, whether natural or suspicious. Necropcysts toil closely with the mutagenacysts and scrutineers. 


NEGATIVLON — An exotic non-physical energy highly distributed throughout the fabric of the universe itself. It powers coscrafts to journey through the Cos Realm. 


NETHERUX — A smaller, private version of a Nexus, separate from that vast swathe of information. Only those with permission can access a netherux. Scourgebands use these as means of communicating, planning and storing information regarding their illegal activities. 


NEXBANE — Criminals who break into the Nexus. They steal and destroy things in the physical world, whilst also corrupting information. 


NEXUS — The supreme collection of information and data that resides within an artificial space accessible across the Velutra. The Nexus does not live in one fixed location but is everywhere throughout the Velutra. Innumerable physical Relays keep it functioning. Every Velutran with a corpus has instant and constant access to this vast swathe of information, though there are regulated sections. 


NIERXUS — Upon the Nexus is another layer of artificial space known as Nierxus. This artificial realm was chiefly created as a place for coavlens to travel so they could spend time and integrate with Velutrans. It also serves as an eternal paradise for those of the Velutra to escape through a process known as assimilation. 


NOCULAR — A seller of illegal inoculants: mind-altering compounds. 


NOM DOLOR — A term of insult for Velutrans who choose to live their lives without toiling in an opus and instead live off the Velutra’s free nomismo payments. 


NOMISMO — The currency of the Velutra of Valsollas. Regulated by the Blessing Nomismorl. 


NOPAINE SERUM — A serum that completely nullifies physical pain for a short time. It is stored within the tarmin of most Accensi, which is then injected into the veins when needed.


NORELLAN NAOS — A structure where the coavlens enter the waking world from the artificial realm of Norella. Inside the structure are vast amounts of cryluns and cryluss cores, which give coavlens their forms upon entering. Coavens cannot use the Naos to return to Norella. The feyzarans also use these to enter the waking world and are the only ones capable of returning to Norella. 


NUALLANS — Tendril-like limbs that grow out of an illuavan’s forearms and are used for breeding.  


OATHTAKER — One who swears the Oath of the Undying Bond.


OATHGRIEVER — One who has suffered a broken Undying Bond. 


OLOKAR — A musical device that connects to the user’s mind, allowing them to weave any melody. In this way, one mind can conduct a symphony of instruments at once. 


ORBITAE DEFENDER — An opus tasked with the defence of a Velutran planet or celestial body. 


ORDER OF COAVLEN KNIGHTS — Created in 2628, this order desires all coavlens to be granted the right to freely leave Norella and allow them to take on any opus within the Velutra, even that of the Sages. As of 2689, they have been the cause of great instability across the Velutra. 


ORON TETHET — Illuavan name for a city composed solely of illuavan tree towers or, in their tongue, Kals Gasirei. Within these canopies are smaller branches that form another city. 


PEACEKEEPER — An opus consisting of a large array of warriors, healers, philosophers, artists, etc., who travel the Velutra responding to conflicts or just generally attempting to instil peace. 


PERCEPTION — One of the five harmonies. Perception significantly heightens one’s perception of their surroundings. 


PHARON AND ITS KEEPER — Pharons are waypoints across the vastness of the Velutra, where travellers can replenish their coscrafts or take respite from travelling through the Cos Realm. Tradition is that one Keeper takes care of this waystation and the minds of its weary travellers with hearty meals and beverages. This opus originally began in the Cold War as survivors fled from the all-devouring Luug. 


PROSPHIRE — A countermeasure against infilsala. With a little pinch of transmutable lead embedded in the tarmin’s crylun vat and a small restructuring of the cryluns, infilsala can no longer pass through cryluns, rendering the particle useless. 


REARER — The illuavan word for parent. 


REBIRTH — The ability to be reborn after death. It transfers the Elan Vital from one’s broken physical body into an artificially grown one. Highly forbidden and secretive tech in the Velutra. 


RECALL — The ability to remember any past moment of one’s own or another’s life—to experience it as it occurred. Every corpus implements a limit on how many memories can be Recalled to keep Velutrans attached to the waking world and not lose their minds to the past. 


REQUISERL — Native animal to the lofemil forests of Astril City. It has long grey-green fur and big black eyes. 


RESIUR — A type of artificially grown meat. Modelled to be nearly identical to the resiur animal found on the Velutran Enclave world Nusthinar. 


RIATHRELL — Beings only found in the Cos Realm. Believed to be non-sapient, no Velutran has ever communicated with one. They detect the disturbance of ascended coscrafts and often will fly alongside them in intrigue. Beings not born of Costhrall, such as coavlens, cannot perceive them. 


RIVERWAY — The distance from a celestial body, at which point it is safe to ascend into or descend from the Cos Realm. Doing so beyond the riverway drastically increases the chance of spawning a Black Heart. 


SAGE — One of the ten who lead the entire Velutra of Valsollas. Five are always human, whilst the other five are illuavans.


SAGESEPT — The title given to those in direct training to become a Sage. 


SAGESWORN — The title given to those chosen to become a Sage. Each of the ten Sages has ten Sagesworn in their direct line. After each Sage completes their ten-year term, the Sagesworn moves up in the rung until they assume the supreme title. 


SAGE’S SEAL — A badge like a Scrutineers that the Sages hand to someone, giving them their supreme authority in any such matter. 


SALENAI — An offshoot of the human species known for their distinctly shorter height and reddish, muscular skin. They live in the Salenniun Kingdom, which borders the Velutra, though many flee its cruel ways for the Velutran way of life. 


SANATARE — An artificially grown tree that illuavans go inside to heal their wounds that can’t otherwise be healed by their crystalas. Also used for meditation. 


SCOURGEBAND — An unlawful, coordinated group of criminals that oppose the Velutra. There are many throughout the Velutran territory and beyond. 


SCELUSPACE — A virtual recording of a specific place that could be viewed and interacted with later as though the user was actually there. Sceluspaces allow scrutineers to investigate cases as though they were physically there when they could be on the other side of the galaxy. Requires the harmony Expansion to enter. Sceluspaces are hosted on private locales in the Nexus. 


SCRUTINEER — An Accensi opus responsible for solving high-level crimes throughout the Velutra of Valsollas. They work in pairs, known as a dyad. 


SEAL — A higher authority gives a seal to a lower-ranking Accensi to act on their behalf and their authority. Examples: Sages Seal, Heralds Seal, Light Seal. 


SHEATH— An invisible portable gravity field produced by an acciperivon. It cannot last more than five seconds before the field loses power and the sheath breaks.


SIEVE — One of the Blessings. Sieve is a non-sapient artificial mind that lives in the ether of the artificial realms of the Nexus and Nierxus and is responsible for their safekeeping.


SOLIUR FLOWER — A flower native to the planet Colonor. Mostly found on the outskirts of Coroniall City. 


SOOTHING — A coavlen’s voice targets specific pleasure receptors in the brains of humans and illuavans ever so slightly. All their kind possess this ability. The Soothing was a gift their creators, the feyzarans, blessed all coavlens with to ease their integration into the waking world. Velutrans can choose to block this out via their corpus, yet many choose to allow it.  


STARFALL — When a planet’s parent star falls beyond the horizon, ushering in voidlight. 


STARFUSE WARHEAD — A type of missile that uses the same power as an exploding star, but it has varied radii. The destruction is equally distributed throughout every part of the blast’s radius, not just at the centre. 


STARRISE — When a planet’s parent star rises above the horizon, ushering in coslight. 


STARQUANT — A minute grenade that is usually embedded into a military user’s tarmins.


SULFILLIA FRUIT — A fruit native to the illuavan homeworld, Domellianna. Considered a delicacy by the illuavans. 


SURMANDER — A ground or ‘surface’ commander during Velutran military operations. 


TAORILLO — Micro-organism machines that remain inside one’s body for their entire life, breaking down all their ingested content—food or water—ensuring they are reabsorbed into the bloodstream more efficiently than the body could naturally manage. As a result, these microorganisms suspend one’s need to physically excrete any waste, save by gas, yet even that feeling one is unaware of because it is so minute and controlled. 


TARMIN — A band worn around one’s wrist. The walls inside are lined with densely packed cryluss and contain a cryluss core which powers a crystala and lumenshield. Tarmins also store serums and compounds which can be injected straight into the wearer’s flesh. They constantly produce cryluns to keep the user’s crystala at its maximum strength. 


TIEROTH — Immense structures used to ascend coscrafts deeper into the Cos Realm for travel over greater distances. 


THEATRO — Places for entertaining performances. Elatheatre is where actors weave a story into the conscious mind of a velutran so they can perceive everything that is happening and even become the performers themselves. The other is a wakingtheatre, where velutrans watch the performance in the waking world with their own eyes. 


UASHUAN SECT — Archaic illuavan belief. Followers do not believe in Illuava or Kreshkult. Uashuans believe that they are the gods of the universe themselves. 


UNDYING BOND — A device that humans and illuavans take to create a permanent connection to either a warlif, sultaoss, coavlen or each other. It is an alternate version of a corpus, capable of deeper interactions between two minds—two Elan Vitals. When one who has sworn the Undying Bond dies, a permanent, incurable, deep scar of grief is left on the other’s mind—a hollow in the Elan Vital. 


VALSOLLAS —The name for the galaxy within which resides the Velutra of Valsollas, the Salenniun Kingdom, the Zenlian Empire and even the extinct Abhorrent Luug. Named after one of the founding illuavans, who, alongside Macheel Nazareith, first ushered in the joining of humans and illuavans. 


VAT CULTIVATOR —The Accensi responsible for overseeing the production and distribution of crylun, cryluss, alierquell, crylierquell and rylun. Immense starry cross-shaped vats in the void. 


VELUTRA OF VALSOLLAS —The largest and most powerful society in the galaxy. Home to the humans, illuavans, coavlens, warlifs, sultaoss, and feyzarans. Citizens are known as Velutrans.


VELUTRAN VIRTUES —The virtues that guide Velutran society. Prudence. Justice. Courage. Temperance. Love. The symbol is a circle with an even cross inside, each quadrant representing one virtue, with the fifth virtue—love—represented by the circle that binds them. 


VELUTRI — The shared language between Velutrans, who all carry their unique inflection. 


VENDOR — A Velutran who sells goods. 


VIGILE — One who is employed to protect citizens of any Velutran world. They are the first responders to reported incidents, accidents, natural disasters or intentional violent acts. 


VIGILNEER — A lower rung of scrutineers who solely toil upon one specific planet. If they cannot solve a case or it is too high-profile for them, then it is relinquished to a scrutineer. 


VIRTUEGUARD — An elite warrior who protects leaders of the Velutra. They protect Light Lords, Enduring Heralds and the Velutran Sages. Each is within a specific rung of eliteness. Those who protect Light Lords are Virtueguards. Those who shield Enduring Heralds are Elite Virtueguards. Those who defend the Sages are Ascended Virtueguards. 


VIRWARCAN — The largest type of Accensi coscraft, primarily used for military conflicts. They are covered in towers and weaponry, upon which many will live their entire lives. The primary kinds of Viwarcans are Lucretian, shaped like a massive greatsword; Peacekeeper, shaped like a massive Velutran Virtues symbol; and Defender Viwarcans, shaped like massive shields. 


VISHTUALAN — The longest surviving and most common language of the illuavan species.


VOIDBLAST — Zenlian projectiles that use zielthralls. Akin to a Velutran cryblast. 


VOIDFIRE — The chief weapon of Zikirin. A genetically modified flame that can feed on itself. 


VOID GAZER — A mall outpost beyond the territory of the Velutra of Valsollas. They detect possible threats while exploring the unexplored and habitable worlds for the Velutra to expand into. 


VOIDLIGHT — Term for when it is night on a planet. 


VOID WATCHER — A small satellite placed in orbit. They are generally numerous and powerful enough to cover every inch of a planet. They are capable of zooming in to a microscopic level. They are also double-sided, simultaneously peering outwards into the void. Every Arcem and Enclave world has a network of void watchers provided by the Velutran Accensi. They cannot see through objects such as yenwuar towers. 


VOLANTEMIRA — Long crafts that fly above a city, picking up and dropping off passengers. Using its acciperivon engines and gravity sheath ability, the volantemira can pick a Velutran off the ground, up into the craft, and safely shoot them back to the ground.


WOLFZAR — A name for the warlifs before they were bestowed sapience by the zareiths during the Cold War. 


WORLD EDICT — An overseer of all newly settled worlds, ensuring it is given the protection of the Velutran Accensi and resources required to begin and grow the settlement. They ensure the adherence of the Velutran Codes.


WOLRDSCULPTOR — An opus that sculpts inhospitable worlds into liveable ones. 


YENWUAR — The strongest known material in the Velutra. Warlif and sultaoss bones are made from this, as are coscraft, viwarcan hulls and many structures. Highly malleable without compromising strength. 


ZAREITH — An artificially created sapient humanoid race. They forever departed the galaxy Valsollas after the end of the Cold War and none know where they went. Macheel Nazareith is their immortal King, and the only thing he left behind is the Light of Macheel, which is kept safe by the Velutra. Macheel was the creator of Feyzara, who split zais mind into the eight feyzarans. It was the zareiths who gave birth to the warlifs, sultaoss and most technologies that still dominate Velutran society. 


ZENLIAN — A race of Malnetha-infected humans and illuavans, as well as corrupted versions of warlifs, sultaoss, coavlens and natural creatures. Slaves to Chaos’ influence. 


ZENLIAN PEN — A prison that the Zenlians use to torment captives. It is made up of dark, neverending tunnels where nightmarish hallucinations are ceaseless until one has become infected with Malnetha. 


ZEVOISS CORE — The Zenlian equivalent of a cryluss core. In place of cryluss, they use zevoiss. The element zevoiss contains aszuful in place of alierquell and zusuful instead of crylierquell. 


ZEVOISHIELD — Zenlian version of the Velutra’s lumenshield. 


ZIELBLADE — Zenlian version of cryblades. 


ZIELGUN — Zenlian version of a Velutran crygun. 


ZIELSTALLA — A Zenlian’s personal defence. They use zevoiss and zielthralls and are generally weaker than a Velutran crystala. 


ZIELTHRALL — Zenlian version of a crylun. They are infused with the organic matter of living things—humans or illuavans.